Skincare 101: Where Should You Start?

Skincare 101: Where Should You Start?

You've whipped the iPhone out and you're asking the question ‘what is a good basic skincare routine’. For starters, great job on looking into the wild world of skincare, and specifically, skincare for men. If you’re sceptical and are asking yourself “do men even need a skin routine?” then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Othr Half one of our key drivers in starting a men’s skincare line was to educate guys like you on the why, what, when and how so that you’re empowered to start looking after yourself. 

Step 1: Skin Type

First, take a long hard look in the mirror. No no, not like that. Although, we should all do a little self-evaluation from time to time. You need to establish your skin type and if you have any skin concerns you want to target. A few different skin types exist, and there are various ways to determine which category you slot into.

Step 2: Take Inventory

The next step is to take inventory and assess which skincare products you've got in your bathroom already. Soap, body wash, shampoo etc etc. Essentials, yes but for the love of god, don't put them on your face. Why, you ask? The skin covering your body and the skin on your face is not created equal. The skin on our body is thicker than the skin on our face, but our face has far more oil glands than anywhere else and can also be more sensitive. If you want an express ticket to irritated-shitty-skin-breakout town, stop reading now and use that 8-in-1 product all over. 

Step 3: The Basics 

Let's get to the point, shall we? Cleanse, moisturise, apply SPF and exfoliate. That’s it? Yep, that’s a simple skincare routine. There’s an abundance of lotions and potions out there which help to target specific concerns, which we'll cover in more detail further down the line. However, using these four products cover the basics to maintaining healthy skin. 

Here’s your breakdown of when and how often to use the basics:

Cleanse: AM & PM every day

  • Cleansing is an essential step in maintaining the health of your skin. Without it, the dirt, excess oils, and external pollutants that gather on your face throughout the day will stay there, which can cause breakouts and further aggravate your skin. 

Moisturise: AM & PM everyday

  • Moisturisers are best known for hydrating, smoothing and locking in moisture (go figure). They help to protect the skin from external factors and can also prevent the appearance of excessive dry, dull and flaky skin.

SPF: AM everyday

  • Without a doubt, sun damage is the biggest contributor to accelerated ageing, and if you aren’t using an SPF you may as well wash the rest of your products down the sink. Using sunscreen every day is particularly important in Australia, cheers O-Zone - or lack thereof! Use your SPF everyday, not just on weekends. Your future self will thank you for it!

Exfoliate: 2-3 times a week

  • Your skin sheds every 30 days, this process is called cellular turnover and this 30 day timeframe grows as you age. As your dead skin cells shed, they reveal healthy, youthful and radiant skin underneath. Dead skin cells can be stubborn and if not removed, your skin can look flaky, dull, or even breakout more often.

There you have it, skincare can be so powerful when simplified. However, consistency with all of these steps is key