The Top 5 reasons why men must moisturise daily

The Top 5 reasons why men must moisturise daily

Some men choose to forgo the daily moisturising ritual. This can happen for many reasons, including the claim that moisturiser is strictly a feminine product and not something men should be using. While everyone is different, there are some pretty compelling reasons why men should regularly use face moisturiser on a daily basis. Here are five reasons why men need to moisturise daily:

Moisturiser improves texture and tone.

Moisturising your skin not only makes it feel incredible, but it also improves the texture and tone of your skin. Moisturisers work to prevent the skin from becoming too dry or producing excess oils. Keeping your skin balanced will in turn keep your skin texture balanced.

Hydrates dry skin and provides a protective barrier.

Moisturising keeps the skin supple and elastic. When skin is dry, it can become vulnerable, leaving it susceptible to irritation and infection. Dry skin is more easily affected by harmful substances because the protective barrier has been weakened. By keeping your skin hydrated and supple, you're giving it a better chance of withstanding any damage.

Moisturiser can improve the signs of ageing.

As we age, the skin becomes more dry and more prone to fine lines because the outer layer of skin will thin out. The skin loses some of its ability to retain moisture and protect itself from damage. Fine Lines will start to appear on a man's face as his skin gets drier and thinner.

The earlier you start moisturising your face, the better it is for the appearance of your skin in the long term. Moisturising daily helps keep your skin hydrated, in turn improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by making them less visible, whilst ensuring proper hydration is maintained to give you the best chance of preventing further wrinkles from forming.

Moisturiser will keep your beard healthy!

One of the biggest benefits to moisturising your beard and skin is that it keeps the hair follicles healthy. Moisturising is an essential part of a man's grooming routine; it helps to keep the skin under your beard in good condition and prevents dryness, flaking and irritation. Moisturisers can also help to prevent the itchiness that some men experience when they are growing a beard for the first time.

The skin on your face produces natural oils that help to keep your beard hydrated and healthy. When you don’t use hydrating ingredients regularly those oils dry out, and so does the skin under your beard. If this happens, your facial hair may become brittle or wiry and over time it will become dull and look dry with split ends. Regular moisturising will help to prevent this from happening and help to keep you and your beard looking youthful and healthy. 

When used properly, moisturiser can help clear up acne.

Anti-acne products all have one thing in common: they dry out your skin. Before you reach for your bottle of benzoyl peroxide, take a minute to consider what we're telling you. The drying effect of these acne treatments are exactly why it works—the benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria by drying them out—but while it's doing that, it's also drying out your skin. When your skin is constantly stripped of moisture, your body reacts by producing more oil to compensate, which leads to more blocked pores and potentially, worse acne. If you want to eliminate breakouts without compromising the health of your skin, moisturising daily is a must.

Keeping your skin hydrated is an essential part of any man's skincare routine. It can be simple, and very beneficial to adopt the habit of moisturising daily. You should moisturise every day to help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, hydrated and youthful.