"We're here to encourage men to lead a more comfortable life. It only makes sense to start with more comfortable skin."

Othr Half was created as a vessel to educate men on the benefits of simplified skin care routines - something we felt wasn't receiving the attention it deserved.

We're not only passionate about providing high-quality solutions to guys from all walks of life, we're serious about self-care as a whole.


“It was from first-hand experience that we understood the importance of bringing Othr Half to market” 

Tanis, who worked directly with the cosmetics industry in Australia, noticed men were becoming increasingly inquisitive about taking care of their skin. The only issue was, the decision making process was riddled with confusion. From getting barely any guidance in the space, to feeling the options on offer were tailored specifically to the wants and needs of females alone, it became clear that guys were becoming extremely overwhelmed with the current landscape of the industry. 

Tim, who until he met Tanis, never had a trusting source of education to show him what to use, how and why he should use it. He understood that he couldn’t possibly be the only male facing this situation.

Conversation grew over time between the two around the space and what was currently on offer.

In a bid to tackle a re-occurring breakout, Tim asked Tanis to give him something that would help to minimise the issue. After applying these lotions and potions, Tim asked “what makes this product so different from all the others that you’ve shown me.”

Tanis' response... “Let me show you how the other half live.” 

This turned out to be a lot more powerful than anyone could have ever imagined, as this moment sparked a two year journey to develop a brand and formulate a range of products suited to males.


We're driven to show men from all walks of life that a well-rounded self-care routine is important, empowering, and confidence inducing!



Othr Half formulations have been thoughtfully designed to suit the makeup of men's skin. More importantly, they are all-natural, Australian made, and vegan and cruelty free.



Designed specifically for males, our range is crafted with a thoughtful approach to what men want, and what men need, when it comes to everyday skincare.